13th August 2019


11th September 2018


Phil Roberts - St Francis Hospital Zambia

Phil and his wife have three children. Their son Sam, attended TAS and after two visits to Papua New Guinea studied medicine at university where he met his wife Nell.


After a visit of 10 weeks in Ghana he specialised in paediatrics. He then took up a position at St Francis Hospital in Zambia - a 350bed hospital to service 25000 people

Drs Mary McMillan & Debbie Bowe - topic Antartica

Both are highly academically qualified in the fields of Biology and Ecology & Zoology.


Last year both women were selected in a group of 75 women from 26 counties to participate in a Homeward Bound program that culminated in a 3 - week seafaring expedition to Antarctica where they undertook a 12- day state of the art leadership, strategic, science & visibility course.


May 2018

Back Track boys and girls addressing the Club

Bernie Shakeshaft, Backtracks founding member, commented that ‘Children are the most honest barometers of the well- being or otherwise of a community’.   He added that when he visits a town, a quick drive through the streets to see how the local kids are faring tells him how that community is faring.  Bernie confirmed that there is a huge local demand for BackTrack’s services with waiting lists in place.  However, any child whose personal circumstances are dire will be taken in without delay. Currently the youngest participant is BackTrack is aged 12. 

BackTrack centres are now being established in other places in Australia thanks, in particular to the 4 open days hosted annually by Backtrack Armidale for the benefit of other communities to learn more about it.  However, Bernie made it plain that for the BackTrack model to succeed elsewhere it must have a local ‘driver’ to make things happen and it must have the patronage of the top end of town such as the police and local teachers.  Finally, Bernie confirmed that BackTrack has been a huge success locally and has dramatically reduced crime rates by young offenders as they learn to adopt to a different way of life under BackTrack’s guidance.