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Guest Speakers Brad Edwards and Tom McCarthy:   Brad started this very interesting presentation by telling the Club of his early days and his fascination with aeroplanes which started when he was a pupil at Ben Venue School. Brad had his first glider flight at age 11, then solo’d in a glider at age 15 and finally got his pilot’s licence at age 30. While Brad’s main interest was gliding – culminating is his winning the World Gliding Championships in 1991 - he decided to make the move into serious aircraft charter work 20 years ago with the purchase of his first jet aircraft.  Although he did this with some trepidation due to the cost involved, the charter business quickly prospered with plenty of work available.  He has now built up a stable of aircraft crewed by excellent pilots and with a first-class reputation.

Cameron Moore gave an interesting presentation on the complexities of the Law of the Sea and the aggressive tactics of China in pressing its position with Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia all on the receiving end.

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